Foundation® - American Made Insoles & Socks

Foundation® - American Made Insoles & Socks

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A healthy foundation in every step. 

Foundation insoles and socks are designed to keep your feet happy and healthy. Podiatrically designed to provide support, cushioning and relief. From diabetics to runners, Foundation is committed to creating a healthy environment for your feet. 

Why Foundation®

Our Story 

Foundation® insoles and socks are a proud product of Frankford Leather Company, Inc. With over 60+ years in the shoe and foot health supply industries, they felt there was an opportunity to manufacture a healthier insole and sock line. Unlike other foot comfort lines, each Foundation® product is manufactured in a unique facility to bring the highest quality all under one name.  Designed by and for independent resellers. 

As a family owned and operated company, their culture and values are woven into every insole and sock that they produce. They are committed to utilizing the latest technology with the aim to bring you the best insoles and socks in the industry.

All Foundation®socks are medically designed & manufactured in Pennsylvania.

Our Values 

quality - integrity - innovation - service 


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