Triple Density Modern Comfort System - Kicks For Gents

Triple Density Modern Comfort System

Triple Density: Impact, rebound, adaptive, and vibration resistant medical grade cushioning.

You Deserve To Be Comfortable

Kicks For Gents Shoes all come with top of the line breathable impact resistant cushioning. 

This material has been scientifically proven to be the most resistant to the vibration from impacts of the skeletal system due to walking, running or jumping.

This same material is used in high-end athletic pads to absorb the energy upon impact.

As you walk, your feet shift within your shoes, these memory foam mid-layer rebounds almost instantaneously and conforms to your foot with each step you take.

Kicks For Gents Triple-Density Insole


Underneath this layer of impact resistant memory foam is a second layer of modern memory foam cushioning that is resistant to bottoming out. This layer provides that walking on clouds feeling.



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