Collection: GMTO - Pre Order

GMTO gives you access to limited edition high end shoes without also breaking the bank.

I want to be completely transparent, so please read everything carefully before making your purchase. 


Group Made to Order (GMTO)

For the GMTO, we won't produce your order until we hit a minimum combined order quantity for that style. The goal can be as few as 6, but as many as 12 orders of a particular style. Once we reach that goal they will be queued for production! 


Quality shoes will not only last longer, but they will be way more comfortable. GMTO helps us make those shoes for you for less. Less overproduction, less storage, less shipping, less waste. Everybody wins. Did I mention that our shipping is carbon neutral!

What if you don't hit the minimum?

Don't worry, as long as we haven't sent the order for production, we will just refund your money 100%. 


You do have to pay upfront, but with discount code 'GMTO20' you will get the GMTO pricing at checkout.


All GMTO's, once they are queued for production, take 2-4 months to complete. This can vary due to leather availability. 
This time frame commences after we hit the minimum orders needed for production. We will notify you as soon as we hit the minimum and will otherwise be keeping you updated along the way!
If the GMTO does not reach its minimum order required to make production, don’t worry, we will either cover the rest to get the orders fulfilled or just refund 100% of your money.


Please refer to the shoe listing for sizing recommendations.

What if they don't fit, can I exchange them?

Yes and no.
Yes. With some styles, we do plan on stocking them and we may have another size available. Yes we are happy to exchange your shoe for another size or for any other style that we have in stock.
No, we may not be able to get you that exact shoe in another size due to the limited production nature of the GMTO program.

If an issue arrises, please just contact us and we can figure it out together.