GMTO - Pre Order

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Please read everything carefully before making your purchase 

GMTO means 'Group Made to Order'. 

We set a goal for a minimum number of pairs and if we reach that goal they go into production!

Ultimately, we try to amass at least 6 orders of a particular model in order to meet minimum production requirements (i.e. crowdfund).


American made. High quality. Reduced price. Less waste. Everybody wins.

Exclusive & comfortably dapper kicks without the retail price!

Our GMTO service offers you the opportunity to pre-order limited edition styles and colourways that aren't available in our stock collections, all at a reduced price! 

What if you don't hit the minimum?

If we do not reach the minimum orders required or production, don't worry, we will just refund your money 100%


You do pay Upfront, but please use the code 'GMTO20' to receive a 20% discount on the full retail price.

All GMTO's take approximately 2-4 months to make. This can vary due to leather availability. This time frame commences after we hit the minimum orders needed for production. We will notify you as soon as we hit the minimum and will otherwise be keeping you updated along the way!

If the GMTO does not reach its minimum order required to make production, don’t worry, we will refund you all your money.