Collection: CACATOÈS

Cactoes Logo From Brazil with love... with image of Khaki Rubber Moccassin on a dock in front of the ocean
Cactoes rubber moccassins black navy and khaki


Entirely made of PVC, which is a recyclable material.

Crushed, micronized, regenerated, or powdered PVC waste can be transformed back into a raw material.

That means that these shoes, once you’re done with them, can later take on a whole new life!

Why Cacatoès? 

Many years ago, I fell in love with a pair of waterproof loafers just like these. They were perfect for going to the beach, pool, or whatever while still elevating my style. Heck, I have even worn them to the office on a rainy day with some slacks (minus the colorful laces), just look out for puddles!