In shoemaking, the last is used to shape the upper of the shoe by wrapping the leather onto what has traditionally been a piece of wood that was shaped to fit a foot. Historically, these were made specifically tailored to the shape of the wearers foot for maximum comfort.  Over time, artisans crafted lasts that could be used by many and eventually they became defined by style, art, and function. 

We use a variety of lasts for different styles of shoes, including those we developed specifically for our collection and a few time-honored American classics.


Genuine Hand sewn Construction


New England Moccasin Last

    • This is a classic New England Moccasin style last. It is a medium width waist with a and broad toe box provides exceptional comfort for nearly all foot types and its shape has been used by generations of outdoorsmen from the Eastern Coastal region.

KFG Classic Moccasin

    • A classic shape adapted to our specs! The Classic Moccasin is our first purpose built last. It has a wider toe box, and medium waist and extra depth in the heel. This last can easily accommodate your favorite Kicks For Gents insole or even your Prescription Orthotics.


Cement, Blake, & Sneaker Construction


Spanish Slipper Last

    • This is a classic European Last. It has a narrow waist and a slimmer toe box and allows for only a very slim insole. It has been based on European Sizing

Spanish Sneaker Last

    • This is a classic European Last, but allows for a roomier toe box. This has some more depth to allow for a moderate sized insole.  It has been based on European Sizing