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Shoes are made on europeans style lasts. You can reference the sizing below:


Sneakers: Whole sizing only


How to measure your foot

(for belts scroll down)

  1. Put a piece of paper on the ground next to a wall
  2. Standing firmly on the piece of paper with your heel slightly touching the wall, mark the paper where your foot is the longest (most likely at the tip of your big toe)
  3. With a ruler, measure the distance from the wall to the mark on the paper (indicating the longest part of your foot)
  4. Next, trace all the way around your foot. Try to keep the pencil perpendicular to the paper.
  5. Find the width at the widest point.
  6. Subtract ¼ inch or about ½ centimeter from both the length and the width to account for the pencil outline.
  7. Take that measurement and match it with a measurement in the “Inches” column in the size chart.
  8. Wear socks when measuring your feet
  9. Measure your feet at the end of the day, as your feet tend to expand throughout the day
  10. Measure both of your feet, as one may be bigger than the other
  11. Compare foot sizing with Size Guide
  12. If you wear a wide size, then size up one size.

Kicks For Gents Men's Size Chart