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Collaboration: Slick Collar by LuxeAvant

In furthering our mission to bring you functionally dapper and modern accessories, we have partnered with LuxeAvant  to offer you their amazing Slick Collar!


Get the Perfect Shirt Collar Look (Instantly)

The Slick Collar Keeps Your Shirt Collar Standing Up Straight and Prevents it from Folding Under the Weight of Your Jacket


  1. Insert Collar Stays into the Collar Leaf Collar Stay Pockets
  2. Adjust the Slick Collar to fit your shirt collar size
  3. Place it around your shirt collar
  4. You've got the perfectly straight collar that will not fold or collapse



  • The Slick Collar Shirt Collar Support Device is designed to be inserted into a folded shirt collar, providing the collar with structural integrity that keeps the shirt collar standing up and looking crisp
  • Adjustable in Size: The Slick Collar is adjustable to fit shirt collar sizes 14.5"(Small) to 20" (3XL)
  • Further Adjustment through Trimming and Bending: The tips can be trimmed for shorter or spread shirt collars. The Slick Collar can also be bent and slightly curved for additional adjustments
  • Ideal for use under a jacket: The Slick Collar prevents the shirt collar from collapsing under the weight of garments worn over it, such as jackets, sport coats and blazers; therefore, preventing the droopy, saggy, curled shirt collar look
  • Maximum Comfort and Natural Look: Made from from lightweight, flexible and durable food-grade material that is designed to bend and flex with the neck and body's movements in order to provide a natural look and feel, while maintaining the shirt collar's crisp structure.


The Slick Collar is the best and most innovative solution


  • The age old sloppy collar problem has led to several inventions such as the addition of buttons to the collar tips in order to fasten the front of the collar to the shirt and keep it from folding. This is the “Oxford Shirt” look that doesn’t always work, in addition to making the shirt less formal as Oxford Shirts are on the casual end of the dress shirt scale.



  • Some have resort to Magnetic Collar Stays that perform a similar function as the Oxford Shirt buttoned collar. However, these magnets often come loose and fall off, and do absolutely nothing for keeping the back of the shirt collar stiff. The use of adhesive collar tabs are also sometimes used to anchor the collar tips down. These sticky collar tabs often fall off and can get expensive since they have a very limited lifespan. Ultimately, although collar stays are a must to prevent the collar curl, even the best collar stays on planet earth will not be able to give you the perfect shirt collar look.



  • A less popular method of attempting to resolve this issue is through the use of sewn in shirt placket supports to keep your collar front standing straight. This expensive alteration method involves the modification of your shirt by opening the shirt placket stitching and inserting pieces of plastic into the upper placket area where they are permanently sewn into the plackets to give them rigidity. This will give your shirt plackets an unnatural stiff and rigid look, and does not actually provide any support to the collar’s tips or back area that are prone to curling and folding. The plastic can also deform if put through the washer and dryer, leaving the shirt deformed and unusable.



  • So in short, save yourself a whole lot of time and money, and get yourself the Slick Collar!




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