UPDATE 5/8/2020
We are phasing out our Made To Order Offering to focus on bringing you the best value fair trade shoes as possible.
This means less variety, but with more inventory on hand to be able to reduce manufacturing costs which translates into lower retail pricing!

You Order - We Make - Everyone Wins

Building on top of the typical direct to consumer principals, we take the next step in closing the price/quality gap.

 No & limited Inventory

By selling exclusively online and reducing inventory requirements, we save our customers hundreds of dollars per pair.

Reduced inventory means that our warehouse is a small office, we aren't burdened by huge upfront costs and we can adapt more quickly to bring you what you want.

Environmental Considerations

By manufacturing shoes as they are ordered, it ensures that you get a fresh pair of shoes every time. It also means reducing the waste, energy and fuel consumption required to make shoes that are just going to sit on a shelf.


Made to order manufacturing allows us to bring you low prices on handcrafted luxury shoes. The finest Italian leathers, Spanish shoemaking artisans, and modern insole technology. 

Because we don't just put a thin piece of leather or cheap foam under your feet, you can't even compare the quality of our shoes to the $500 shoes you would find at the big box stores.

We know how important comfortable shoes are. From the beginning, we put shock absorption, odor control and first.