What is Chromexcel Leather?

What is Chromexcel Leather?

Dexter USA Camp Moc by Kicks For Gents in Navy Blue Chromexcel Leather

To make Chromexcel, the process requires some serious skill and involves 89 separate processes over the course of 28 days.

Why Chromexcel?

There are many reasons why this 100-year-old process of tanning leather has survived the test of time, including that it is just beautiful, low maintenance, durable!

Ages like fine wine!

As the leather ages, the color will develop like a fine wine and will actually look better. It will lighten, darken, scuff, soften, and age in such a way that it will look vintage without being fragile. It is a very resilient leather that will take the stress of daily wear and still look fantastic!

Crease Resistant

I hate creases, but unfortunately all leather creases as you wear them. Chromexcel, however, has very tightly packed fibers so you can expect the creasing to be defined, but soft. As always, using shoe trees will help prevent it from becoming too prominent.

It's Low Maintenance

Low maintenance, these are made to be used and abused (to a certain extent). Every once in awhile, you just need to brush them down and just rub some Neatsfoot oil or Saphir Greasy Leather Cream.

If you find a scrape or scratch, just use your finger and rub it with some oil and it should go away with time and effort.

It's a Special Leather

Given the amount of skill and time that has gone into just making the leather, it is a dream for any shoe lover or anyone who wants an incredibly reliable choice for almost all conditions

Where do we get our Chromexcel?

Our Chromexcel Leather is sourced from right here in the USA at the Chicago tannery of the Horween family.

Famous Horween Leathers

Which Kicks For Gents Shoes are made with this Chromexcel Leather?

Our Dexter USA Camp Mocs are made with this amazing high-quality Chromexcel Leather.  

Dexter USA Camp Moc in Navy with White

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