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Dexter USA Moccasin - Navy Oiled Leather - White Boat Sole

Dexter USA Moccasin - Navy Oiled Leather - White Boat Sole

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One of my favorite styles, a hand-sewn timeless classic that will last you a lifetime. Chromexcel leather will patina beautifully with age and is naturally water-resistant. The traditional moccasin construction lends itself to being repaired multiple times over the life of the shoe. The leather is wrapped around the entire shoe last so that you are standing on not just the insole, but also another piece of leather and then the outsole.


  • Made in USA
  • Oiled Full Grain Unlined Leather upper
  • Handsewn
  • Unlined form-fitting inner
  • Waxed threaded forefoot
  • Horween® CHROMEXCEL® Laces
  • Silver AG.2 Antimicrobial Footbed
  • White 100% Rubber Non-Slip Boat Soles
  • Repairable McKay Construction



    • Runs true to size
    • For wide-width please size up
    • For half sizing please size up (if not available)

      Handcrafted in the USA


      Ethically made shoes by American workers in Maine. 

      Oiled Leather

      Oiled leather is basically just leather that has been given an intensely nourishing treatment. After the treatment, the leather can contain as much as 15% of its weight in oil. This treatment makes oiled leather one of the strongest types of leather around. That’s why it can be seen used for some heavy-duty situations like motorcycle boots. 

      This leather stands out for its water resistance, ease of upkeep, soft feel, hand-rubbed evenly stained color, superior comfort, and durability.

      Oiled leather is particularly famous particularly because of its patina. The patina is a unique process, as the leather ages, that builds character. The patina is a culmination of the wear, including scuffs and wear, and the care (oils, creams, etc) that you have given it over time.

      Silver AG.2

      Silver AG.2 Up Close on Black Nylon Fabric and White/Silver Lighting Pattern

      Silver AG.2 uses the power of silver for its long-lasting antimicrobial properties. Silver-infused fabrics have been strongly received by manufacturers in diverse industries such as sportswear, orthotics, and prosthetics where it is loved for its enduring ability to reduce odors and keep products fresh. Silver AG.2 is a  Kicks For Gents® exclusive

      SILVER AG2.0 Insole shot of the lighting pattern

      Silver AG.2 contains ultra-fine silver crystals that release silver ions at a controlled rate, but only when bacteria are present.
      Silver AG.2 is treated with an aqueous-based antibacterial textile treatment designed to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria. 

      Antimicrobial Efficacy

      To assess the antimicrobial performance, samples treated with Silver AG.2 are tested using a quantitative bacterial test procedure. 

      Treated with Silver AG.2

      Silver AG.2 treated shows no bacterial growth.

      Untreated control

      Untreated control shows bacterial growth.

      Figure 1. Photos of bacterial recovery from fabric tested using ISO 20743 (Klebsiella pneumonia) to assess antibacterial activity.

      100% Brazilian Rubber Boat Sole

      Boat sole shoe upside down
      These slip-resistant, non-marking soles are light and durable while providing excellent traction on damp, smooth surfaces and do not require any break-in period or maintenance of any kind. 

      Repairable Construction

      McKay Repairable construction method

      Known by many names, the McKay aka Blake Stitch method is a stitch down construction where the sole stitching appears on the foot side of the insole and on the outsole bottom. This method wraps the upper leather underneath the foot for more comfort and flexibility. The seam may sometimes be hidden in a groove on the sole’s bottom to minimize
      any abrasion from the stitching. 




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