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FLXCUF V2.0 Bonds

FLXCUF V2.0 Bonds

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Keep your sleeves in place and intact with the FLXCUF V2.0

Man standing on street showing right arm holding cell phone and sleeve staying put with use of black FLXCUF


  • For the suits and ties. Office deadline and groomsmen approved.
  • 1.5 mm nickel rivet for a clean and subtle look.
  • Rests at 2.75" and comfortably expands up to an additional 2".
  • Made in the U.S.


  • Black on black knitted elastic blend with stretch polyester ends.

Style Options

  • Fold your cuff back once for a lighter grip;
  • Create a more discrete (FLXCUF band less visible) look with an additional fold; 
  • Keep folding as much as you need (3 or 4 times if needed).


FLXCUF Featured in Men's Health, The Chive, Touch of Modern, The Grommet, Million dollar collar, the groomsman suit, gotieless, gentleman's cooperative. The Fold, that holds, image of the upper body of man facing right to show right arm and sleeve that is neatly folded thanks to the FLXCUFHow it works, flxcuf is a solution designed to create a flexible and comfortable shirt cuff, that holds in place with one fold. our protected design can easily be buttoned in, removed, and can expand up to a total stretch length of 4.75". Three images of how to use shirt accessory on the cuff of your sleeve.
Upper body of man in shirt with right sleeve symmetrically folded using the FLXCUF and left sleeve just folded and crumpled.
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